The purpose of establishing the Committee is to raise awareness of the poor record of mental health problems in the legal profession and to inform members of the assistance that is available to them.

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The purpose of this Committee is to:

  • To promote discussion and debate regarding matters relating to mental health and well-being (including psychological distress and depression) in the legal profession and within the Law Society of South Australia;
  • To consider, comment on, or advocate within the Law Society of South Australia, in relation to mental health and well-being matters as they affect the legal profession;
  • To liaise with the Law Society of South Australia and its other Committees in respect of matters relating to mental health and well-being in the legal profession; and
  • To examine and keep under review the mental health and well-being of the legal profession in South Australia and to propose therefrom policies, principles and guidelines directed towards the prevention of mental illness within the legal profession, its diagnosis and treatment, and towards the promotion of the well-being of every member of the profession.

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