Juice Bureau

Digital, Identity, Print, Product, Web Design


In 2012, cold-pressed juices and almond mylks went from niche to mainstream almost overnight.  Aldershots Design Studio were approached by the founders of Juice Bureau to put together a whole new brand from scratch.

The target audience was 18-40 year old women, living in trendy and wealthy inner suburbs, looking for a luxury product that would reinforce their self-image as health-conscious and brand-aware.

We created a simple badge-style logo that mixed earthy tones with a nod to classic soft drink styling, that would convey the messages of local, organic, healthy and fun.



In a visually crowded and noisy strip in Adelaide’s inner Eastern suburbs, Juice Bureau quickly became the ‘go to’ place for people seeking out healthy, fresh and ‘on trend’ juices/mylks.

The simple and distinctive logo saw the Juice Bureau range rapidly acquire excellent product recognition, and the products have achieved a high level of penetration in a market already saturated with local and interstate competitors.