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In 2012, cold-pressed juices and almond mylks went from niche to mainstream almost overnight. Aldershots Design Studio were approached by the founders of Juice Bureau to put together a new logo from scratch.

The target audience was 18-40 year old women, living in trendy and wealthy inner suburbs, looking for a luxury product that would reinforce their self-image as health-conscious and brand-aware.

We created a minimalistic logo that aims to share delicious, wholesome, plant-based juices and food that fuels and energises without compromising flavour, taste or satisfaction.

Aldershots-Juice-Bureau- Heartbeet
Aldershots-Juice-Bureau-18 (all)


In a visually crowded and noisy strip in Adelaide’s inner Eastern suburbs, Juice Bureau quickly became the ‘go to’ place for people seeking out healthy, fresh and ‘on trend’ juices/mylks.

The simple and distinctive brand saw the Juice Bureau range rapidly acquire excellent product recognition, and the products have achieved a high level of penetration in a market already saturated with local and interstate competitors.

Aldershots Design Studio understood and worked within the scope and vision of the brand to deliver a package that was equally as durable and practical as it was sleek and current. The timeless and truly universal logo design and packaging enabled the cold-pressed juices to be delivered locally, while still delivering a clear vision and message that consumers listened to. The finished roll-out of the brand reflects the humble beginnings of Juice Bureau yet still successfully showcases the enormity of the brand.

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