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Aldershots Here Calms the Bride - Brand Identity


Planning a wedding day is one of the most exciting times in anyone’s life… and one of the most stressful.

Made in South Australia, Here Calms the Bride has a range of calming products are designed to keep everyone happy from the all-important bride to her bridesmaids and even the mother of the bride.

Ensuring nothing unravels as you tie the knot.


Aldershots Design Studio worked with a modern Adelaide entrepreneur, who was keen to bring a straightforward yet sophisticated skincare product to the bridal market.

The name ‘Here Calms the Bride’ sums up how simple the naturally calming product is to use, while the beautifully feminine yet minimalistic branding is a perfect match for the skincare brand’s personality and aspirations. Here Calms the Bride’s packaging was designed to be clean and impactful to stand out on a bathroom shelf or in a handbag.

Aldershots Here Calms the Bride Branding

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