Adelaide Living is the blog of the City of Adelaide, showcasing the best that the city has to offer.

Culture is what makes us and our city unique. It’s the ‘magic’ that draws people in and keeps them spellbound – and Adelaide has worked hard to earn its reputation as a hub of creative cultural activity.

Culture is the heart and soul of Adelaide. It embraces so much – from language and social customs to the city’s rich Kaurna heritage and activity across a diverse range of creative fields including literature, design, film, dance, fashion, festivals, food, music and many more.

Culture is how we express who we are  – as individuals, as members of a group and as a community. It’s what we value, celebrate and, ultimately, what makes Adelaide unique.

This issue celebrates the City of Adelaide’s thriving creative culture – its dynamic history, people and enterprises, and the rich, diverse experiences it makes available to locals and visitors from all corners of the globe.

In this issue, you’ll meet some of the city’s brilliant creatives: people like local artist Jason Sims whose spectacular public artwork ‘Golden Rhombohedron (acute)’ – recently installed at the North Terrace end of Bank Street as part of the Market to Riverbank Public Art Program, Set in Motion – encourages community connection through shared experiences. The artwork was installed as part of the Market to Riverbank project in partnership with Renewal SA.

You’ll also discover more about the multitude of events, big and small, which play such an important role in Adelaide’s social and economic development.

Aldershots Design City Council

The City of Adelaide sees technology as key to driving future economic growth and cultivating the city’s ‘rep’ as an innovation hub but, equally importantly, as a catalyst to building wellbeing and resilience through better social connection and inclusion.

Adelaide’s smart city journey is already well underway with several early successes but read on to discover what’s coming next in the smart space to improve your city experience!

Spring gets the city abuzz with outdoor activity once again and Council’s green teams will be out in force over the coming months.

This issue showcases some of the many greening initiatives the City of Adelaide will deliver in 2017/18 – including plans to plant up to 200 new trees in residential urban areas.

Be inspired too by stories from other city residents and businesses who, with Council’s assistance, are helping Adelaide get closer to its carbon neutral goal while making the city an even more exceptional place to live, work and visit!


In this edition we share some of the City of Adelaide’s innovative plans for building wellbeing and resilience across the city community and how these will help Council achieve its objective of creating a more ‘liveable’ Adelaide, as outlined in its Strategic Plan (2016-2020). You will also meet Mensah Owusu, one of the City of
Adelaide’s 270 amazing volunteers – plus, get the low-down on winter activities in the city and discover why Adelaide Town Hall is the other perfect match in your wedding plans!


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