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Or are you losing customers before you can say ‘hello’?

You know your ideal customers are searching for a brand they can trust. So, if you’re searching for someone to help you create that trusted, professional, polished, one-of-a-kind look for your brand, you’re in the right place. At Aldershots, we don’t just design logos, we build cohesive visual systems for our clients— a full set of colours, fonts, imagery and logos that allows them (or anyone else) to create beautiful, consistent, on-brand marketing collateral.
Ready to finally feel confident in how your brand looks?


A brand is as successful as its ability to trigger a ‘feeling’ on its customer’s heart. A brand, which is associated with a unique concept is more likely to be remembered, loved, and purchased.

Graphic Design

We’ll work with you every step of the way transforming ideas into concepts into visual and interactive mediums, creating cutting edge, beautifully designed print and digital experiences.

Say hello to our visual identity package

1. Discovery & Strategy

Our discovery process will help us get to know your customers and understand your brand. This involves chatting through a series of discovery questions to make sure we have complete clarity around your customers, goals and vision before we start your design.

2. Design

This is where the magic happens! Together, we’ll design and build your new look and feel. From logos, to fonts, colours to graphics, you’ll be involved every step of the way to ensure that the final product is exactly as you imagined (or better!)

3. Go Live!

We’ll bundle up and send you all your final assets and files, ready for you to start using. We’ll also share some of our best branding tips so you can launch with confidence and get ready for the compliments to roll in!

What do you get?

Brand Discovery

Visual Identity Suite

Brand Guidelines

You'll walk away with

  • Clarity around your ideal customers, brand difference and personality through our brand discovery process.
  • A one-of-a-kind, versatile logo suite, with a range of versions for use across your print and digital marketing.
  • A visual system, not just a logo. This includes comprehensive guidelines to take the guesswork out of applying your colours, imagery and fonts consistently across all your promotional materials.

What's the investment?

If you could build trust, make more sales and raise your prices with a professional, polished brand, how would that impact your profits? Would that mean an additional $5000, $10 000, or $20 000 a year in revenue? 
You can keep on keepin’ on with a hodge-podge of colours, fonts and imagery, sinking time and money into offshore designers, templates and DIY designs that never feel quite right, taking inspiration from your competitors and wondering why your customers never want to pay full price. 
Or you can hire a specialist team to create your visual identity in 3 weeks, look like the pro you are, and start attracting those dream customers.

Visual Identity Package

Hire our team to create a professional logo and visual style for your brand in 4 weeks flat and start attracting those ideal customers.

  • Logo Suite
  • Visual Brand Guidelines

from $1680

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Remix Package

Transform your online presence in eight short weeks with a new visual identity and customised one-page parallax website.

  • Logo Suite & Visual Brand Guidelines
  • Custom One Page Parallax Website

from $4200

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Bespoke Package

Let's craft a completely custom look and website so you stand out from the crowd and elevate your online brand experience.

  • Logo Suite & Visual Brand Guidelines
  • One-of-a-kind Custom Website Design

from $5680

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your logo rarely stands alone— it needs supporting elements like colours, imagery, typography to create a cohesive brand look and feel. You will use all of these elements across your website, packaging, brand collateral and promotional materials and so, whether you are DIYing or working with a designer, it’s really important to have these outlined. While we never say never, in most cases, we’ll recommend creating a visual identity instead of just a logo.

Most of the time, yes! We created our packages because they were what we were frequently creating for our customers, but we know they’re not going to be a snug fit for everyone.

So, think of our packages as a starting point. If you require additional items, let us know exactly what you’d like to create and we’ll give you a flat fee estimate so you have all your costs up-front. 

If there are items you don’t need, let us know what you’re hoping to build and we can tailor your package to fit your needs.

Yes it is! We are more than happy to meet you where you’re at. You might have a great logo, but your colours, supporting graphics and imagery just need a little TLC. Or your visual identity might be perfect as is, and we can build your new website using your existing style guide.

Feel free to get in touch with us so we can chat through your options and provide recommendations, or browse some of our past standalone website projects, including OAS Group and Yard Skincare.

We’ll need you to spend around 2-2.5 hours filling in your briefing questions and chatting through any questions in our strategy call, and then approximately 15-30 minutes a week providing us with feedback and approving your designs.

We only take on a limited number of projects each month so we can give each one our undivided attention. This means that sometimes we have a waitlist to work with us. Once you book in, we’ll share your allotted timeline with you so you’ll know when we’ll need items back from you, and when you can expect items from us. As everything is pre-planned, we require timely responses from you so that we can deliver on schedule.

We know your time is important, as is ours. If you are unresponsive or miss deadlines, this not only effects our workflow, but can also effect the delivery of other clients’ projects too. While this might not be your intention, it’s the reality. This is why we ask you to carve out some time in your schedule during your project to keep things flowing.

Of course, we totally understand that life sometimes throws a curveball, we’d just love a courtesy call, email, carrier pigeon—whatever you can muster up to let us know as soon as you can. In this instance, we’ll hit pause and reschedule your project when you get back in touch, but please know there may be a wait to lock in a new timeline.

Yep! If you have an existing logo or visual identity, sometimes we can update and refresh it instead of creating something new. This might mean modernising your logo, updating your colour palette and/or selecting new fonts. In any case, our goal with a refresh is to enhance what you already have, rather than starting from scratch. 

Does this sound like the right fit? Get in touch to ask for an obligation free estimate, or check out some of our past refreshes, like CBTB Punch Creative or Here Calms the Bride.

We think that investing in a visual system and website that you can use for years to come, and makes your customers swoon will pay for itself over and over. 

Why? Well, it only takes about 15-70 milliseconds for someone to make a judgement about your brand’s likability and truthworthiness based on its visual appearance.

In essence, a poorly designed visual identity or website is the equivalent of wearing your pyjamas to a job interview. Investing in your brand and website can help you to attract the right customers and charge what you’re worth, not just what everyone else is charging. We know exactly how to take that vision you have and make it a reality, saving your time and taking this task off your plate once and for all.

Ready to do this?

We take on a limited number of projects each month so we can give each one our undivided attention.This means our wait times can be up to 4 weeks. We apologise for the inconvenience, but promise it’ll be well worth the wait!Projects are booked on a first come, first served basis, so if you’re interested in working together, please fill in our application form and we’ll get in touch to chat through your project specifics and answer any questions you might have.
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