We’ll create your new visual style and restyle a premium website template to match, so you get a custom, polished look, without the price tag.

Our remix package involves creating a new visual identity for your brand, plus professionally styling an existing website template from the Webflow store to match your new look. 

It’s the website equivalent of re-modelling or renovating rather than building from scratch and is perfect for brand new businesses or early stage businesses whose current website isn’t making the grade.

This package is designed to highlight your best features, make you look good and bring in those dream customers. It builds upon our popular visual identity package to create a professional look and digital home without breaking the bank.

So, dream big friend, because we’re going to make this remix even better than the original.

Our Process

Our brand discovery includes questions about your goals, customers and business that we’ll need before we get started. Once we’ve finalised your answers, we’ll have clarity around your vision, customers, brand difference & goals. These answers will filter though everything we create for you.

Armed with your brand assignment, we’ll start pulling together inspiration to create moodboard options for your brand, including colours, type, textures and photography. 

We don’t want there to be any misalignment between our vision and yours, so our moodboards help to visually communicate the direction we’ll pursue. With your stamp of approval, we’ll proceed using your favourite moodboard elements as a reference points.

Next, we’ll get to work brainstorming, sketching and coming up with unique logo concepts for your brand. Once we’ve tried lots of options, finessed and refined our best concepts, we’ll send you a presentation to show the concept options, and how we arrived at each solution. 

You may love your logo concepts as they are, but, if there is something you’d like to tweak on your preferred logo concept, you have two revision rounds available to get it perfect.

Our last steps involve creating your final visual brand guidelines. Your guidelines will include all your colour codes, primary and secondary logos and marks, brand typefaces and brand graphics.

Once complete, we’ll share a link to an online folder where we’ve bundled up everything we’ve created for you, including your logo, visual guidelines and supporting graphics, ready for you to download and save somewhere safe. 

Next, we’ll get to work restyling your website to match your visual identity, changing colours, fonts, selecting imagery, adding your logo and flowing in your copy. Then, we’ll send you an interactive website to review and provide feedback on.

If we’re helping you to select stock imagery, we’ll also provide some photography options for you, and indicate how much each photo costs. Then, we’ll jump on a call to discuss your feedback, get your approval on your preferred stock images and hash out any concerns and edits we need to make.

Your website needs to sit at the heart of your marketing strategy and play nicely with other software you use day to day, such as email marketing systems (e.g. Mailchimp, Autopilot), customer relationship software (e.g. Helpscout, Hubspot CRM, Dubsado), payment gateways (e.g. Paypal, Shopify), automation tools (e.g. Zapier) and audience monitoring tools (e.g. Google Analytics).

Once our integrations are complete, we’ll run tests to ensure your website works perfectly on a range of devices (mobiles, tablets, laptops and desktops) as well as in the latest versions of major browsers (Edge, Chrome, Firefox and Safari).

Before we clink glasses and pat ourselves on the back, we’ll show you how to use your new website in a 1 hour video training. Once we’ve received your final payment, we’ll transfer your website to your account so you can make any final copy edits or tweaks before you go live.

Our last step is creating your final visual brand guidelines. Your guidelines will include all your colour codes, primary and secondary logos and marks, brand typefaces and brand graphics.

Once complete, we’ll share a link to an online folder where we’ve bundled up everything we’ve created for you, including your logo, visual guidelines, stationery and supporting graphics, ready for you to download and save somewhere safe.

What’s Included?

Visual Identity

Logo Suite Files

You’ll receive a logo suite file folder which contains logo versions for print and web in vector & raster formats. This includes positive and negative versions for flexibility.

Colour Palette Selection

We’ll identify your primary and secondary brand colours, and provide HEX, PMS, CMYK and RGB colour codes for each. You’ll be able to easily reference these for future use.

Visual Guidelines PDF

You’ll receive a set of PDF visual guidelines outlining your logo, fonts, colours and graphics, so you’ll never be left wondering how to use them consistently.

Font Selection

It sounds like a small decision but your fonts can have a huge impact on your overall look! We’ll help you to select brand fonts that you can use across your marketing.

Supporting Graphics

Where applicable, we’ll identify the patterns, icons, imagery styles, textures, image masks or watermarks that can be used across your brand collateral.

What’s Included?

Website Design

Template Restyling

We’ll help you to select a website template from the Webflow store before restyling it to match your new visual identity— this includes colours, fonts, logo and imagery.

Stock Photography Sourcing

If required, we’ll find stock photography for your website and edit your photos to ensure they match your brand look and feel.

Third Party Integrations

Need to connect your social media feeds, email marketing software or audience tracking software? Let us know and we’ll handle it for you.

Website Copywriting & SEO (Optional)

We’ll write copy (words) for your website pages, all optimised for search engines and focused on driving conversions.

Domain Connection

We’ll make sure your custom domain name (URL) is connected to your new website, so you don’t have to worry about the technical details.

Website Training

We’ll schedule a 1 hour training session to show you how to update your new website so you feel comfortable editing and updating it when you need to.


Other people have asked...

Yes it is! We are more than happy to meet you where you’re at. You might have a great logo, but your colours, supporting graphics and imagery just need a little TLC. Or your visual identity might be perfect as is, and we can build your new website using your existing style guide.

Feel free to get in touch with us so we can chat through your options and provide recommendations.

We think that investing in a visual system and website that you can use for years to come, and makes your customers swoon will pay for itself over and over.

Why? Well, it only takes about 15-70 milliseconds for someone to make a judgement about your brand’s likability and truthworthiness based on its visual appearance.

In essence, a poorly designed visual identity or website is the equivalent of wearing your pyjamas to a job interview. Investing in your brand and website can help you to attract the right customers and charge what you’re worth, not just what everyone else is charging. We know exactly how to take that vision you have and make it a reality, saving your time and taking this task off your plate once and for all.

Most of the time, yes! We created our packages because they were what we were frequently creating for our customers, but we know they’re not going to be a snug fit for everyone.

So, think of our packages as a starting point. If you require additional items, let us know exactly what you’d like to create and we’ll give you a flat fee estimate so you have all your costs up-front.

If there are items you don’t need, let us know what you’re hoping to build and we can tailor your package to fit your needs.

No, you don’t. One of the reasons we love Webflow is because you don’t need to speak any coding languages to make changes to your website. You literally control every single pixel visually, without limitation. That’s why we love it!

Content changes such as editing text, adding new blog posts, portfolio items and swapping out images is really intuitive and easy.

Webflow’s visual designer writes the code for you as you make design changes, but it is not quite the same as some ‘drag and drop’ editors you may have used before. Webflow has some great in depth tutorials to support your learning and allow you to maintain the professionalism of your website if you choose to make design changes to your website.

We’ll need you to spend around 2-2.5 hours filling in your briefing questions and chatting through any questions in our strategy call, and then approximately 15-30 minutes a week providing us with feedback and approving your designs.

We only take on a limited number of projects each month so we can give each one our undivided attention. This means that sometimes we have a waitlist to work with us. Once you book in, we’ll share your allotted timeline with you so you’ll know when we’ll need items back from you, and when you can expect items from us. As everything is pre-planned, we require timely responses from you so that we can deliver on schedule.

We know your time is important, as is ours. If you are unresponsive or miss deadlines, this not only effects our workflow, but can also effect the delivery of other clients’ projects too. While this might not be your intention, it’s the reality. This is why we ask you to carve out some time in your schedule during your project to keep things flowing.

Of course, we totally understand that life sometimes throws a curveball, we’d just love a courtesy call, email, carrier pigeon—whatever you can muster up to let us know as soon as you can. In this instance, we’ll hit pause and reschedule your project when you get back in touch, but please know there may be a wait to lock in a new timeline.

WordPress and Squarespace are both great platforms that serve many businesses well. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to choosing a content management system and each have their distinct benefits.

We like Webflow and have built our own website in Webflow because it gives us incredible design flexibility, complete control over our website, intuitive visual design tools, easy to use CMS and excellent support. Webflow may be a young company, but its performance is outstanding and, looking at its future development plans, we don’t see it slowing down in its growth.

We always recommend evaluating your options, doing your research and choosing the right platform for your needs and your business. Check out these comparisons to WordPress and Squarespace to understand how Webflow stacks up to other popular content management systems.

If you have a specific question about Webflow’s features, please feel free to ask us.

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