BOSH identity design

Aldershots is sharing a MASSIVE IDENTITY DESIGN WIN!

This week we signed off on an identity design for local small business owner Michael Nelson. Working alongside the driven entrepreneur from South Australia, we created a handcrafted identity for Michael’s project, BOSH.

BOSH is a card game which allows people to play with words and expose them to how words are made. Each player gets to pick a card with one of 300 words from different cultures, across the globe. Reading the word aloud, telling the other players where the word comes from, and what kind of word it is (ie verb, noun, adjective).

The other players then have a minute to make up a definition for the word, and then the player whose turn it is reads all the definitions aloud.  Each player then votes on which they think is the correct definition, and if they vote for the correct one, they get double points. 

Sounds exciting right? Well, what are your thoughts on our latest identity design?

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